Ruby’s trifle

Ruby’s newest design – currently on pocket mirrors but soon to grace badges and bags – is a shout out to the dawn of seaside tourism. trifle_largeWe had to, really, what with being based on the coast. Trinkets and trifles have always been absolute necessities for the casual holidaymaker – I mean, it’s not a holiday if you haven’t bought lots of things you didn’t know you needed, is it? And Aunty Gerty needs a gift of some sort, surely? Fortunately, such fripperies were not always so tacky as ‘Kiss me quick hats” and coasters made of half-broken shells (yes, been there, done that); nor were they always so dentally destructive as a stick of rock, ‘trifle’ all the way through it or not–or, indeed, ‘Tikka,’ as lined the core of the Chicken Tikka flavoured candy cane Jo’s husband David brought home once. Ahem. Anyway, trifles, in the other sense of the word, can be useful and they’re certainly charming, so Ruby’s taken inspiration from the late 18th century:

She’s brought them bang up to date (we’ve decided patch and snuff boxes aren’t quite so useful these days, so we’ve gone for pocket mirrors) and, well, they’re rather lovely we think! Deal features first, but Ramsgate, Margate and Dover and all points coastal are in the works.

Warning: these trifles are not edible.