Some Caterpillars… new card

caterpillar2Sometimes the simple ones are the best. Jo has a little series of prints based around an imaginary cat–called Peregrine, because why not?–who combines the character of several of the cats she’s known. One of those images, featuring P and a really juicy, spikey, colourful caterpillar, has been a bestseller for us since Jo first produced it as an editioned print. That edition has now sold out, but she has redrawn it and produced it as a card. We think it looks good, and is ideal for cat-lovers, gardeners, and people with a quirky sense of humour. Good for any occasion, since it’s blank inside. And it’s true: some caterpillars are best left alone…

Whitstable Print Block sale 29/11 and 6/12.

We’re taking a break from non-stop Christmas order printing to swoon (literally) over the wonderful poster for the forthcoming sale at the Print Block, designed by the AMAZING Paul Bommer. There will be lots of lovely prints and printed goods (including ours!) available at affordable prices – ideal for Christmas gifts and spontaneous self-indulgence. If you live within striking distance from Whitstable, come on down and have a look. If you don’t, well, it has great transport links and lots of available accommodation, ahem, hint hint! Anyway, back to that poster…

Ruby’s trifle

Ruby’s newest design – currently on pocket mirrors but soon to grace badges and bags – is a shout out to the dawn of seaside tourism. trifle_largeWe had to, really, what with being based on the coast. Trinkets and trifles have always been absolute necessities for the casual holidaymaker – I mean, it’s not a holiday if you haven’t bought lots of things you didn’t know you needed, is it? And Aunty Gerty needs a gift of some sort, surely? Fortunately, such fripperies were not always so tacky as ‘Kiss me quick hats” and coasters made of half-broken shells (yes, been there, done that); nor were they always so dentally destructive as a stick of rock, ‘trifle’ all the way through it or not–or, indeed, ‘Tikka,’ as lined the core of the Chicken Tikka flavoured candy cane Jo’s husband David brought home once. Ahem. Anyway, trifles, in the other sense of the word, can be useful and they’re certainly charming, so Ruby’s taken inspiration from the late 18th century:

She’s brought them bang up to date (we’ve decided patch and snuff boxes aren’t quite so useful these days, so we’ve gone for pocket mirrors) and, well, they’re rather lovely we think! Deal features first, but Ramsgate, Margate and Dover and all points coastal are in the works.

Warning: these trifles are not edible.

Christmas Round-up!

Just wanted to share a few pictures of the Christmas sales in Whitstable we’ve been involved in – photographs courtesy of The Print Block…

Jo outside Windy Corner Stores in Whitstable
Inside Windy Corner. Where’s Aladdin?
The Print Block sale
The Print Block sale – ‘Bird Hair Day’ keeping good company with LOOP books and purses
The Print Block – pod press notebooks
The Print Block – pod press t-shirts



New Etsy bits and the last of the Christmas cards

Well, most of our stock is out and about, but we’ve held back the last batch of moleskine notebooks and a few of the popular bird mini prints for etsy.

And our final few Christmas cards are done now – a mini version of the bird-in-hedge print in four lovely colours (sold as a pack of four) and a little wintry scene that we like to think of as Swedish! We’ve never been to Sweden. We have Swedish friends, does that count?




Weekend sales…

Two events in one weekend. Phew! Huge thanks to Suki and everyone at The Print Block in Whitstable.


Ruby delivered work on Thursday, and Jo helped staff the sale Saturday afternoon. Mulled wine, cake, and more than 20 fantastic printmakers. This year’s sale was held in both the print studio itself and the neighbouring Lobster Shack restaurant on Whitstable’s East Quay. Everyone’s work looked fantastic, and the sale was well attended (exceptionally so on Sunday, by all accounts). 


On Sunday, meanwhile, pod press took part in the brand new local artisan market in Deal Town Hall’s Undercroft. It was a small but fabulous gathering of local makers: Chocolution’s wonderful chocolate, beautiful felted bags and other products by Helen Pritchard, Lucia Stuart‘s amazing foraged foods, including seaweed-infused baked goods, and Emily Stone’s seriously clever copper creations. The market’s a new initiative among local shopkeepers–many of whom also opened–and the brainchild of Fiona Sutherland from the neighbouring Dunlin & Diver. Today’s seemed to go well for all involved, and was certainly appreciated by the Sunday shoppers.


There’s a repeat on December 15th, 11-3, with a bigger assortment of makers. We’ll be there!

Jo also has prints for sale in Deal’s fab Pop Up Cafe. Cat and Caterpillar is doing well. Their cakes are sublime – do call in. pp_ucr_hangpp_ucr_cardrack